Thursday, March 29, 2012

New House

Well I figured that since we had been in our house almost a year that I should Show you what it looks like. Haha! Can I just say that things have been busy around here. With Ty in Kindergarden, and E and Nuna in preschool, it makes for a lot of driving around!
Okay, now for updates. Ty lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. He was so excited to let Grandpa pull it out! (He gives a dollar for every tooth he pulls!) He is doing very well in school and is quite the little artist! He spends at least an hour every day coloring. His teacher says he is very artistic and is the best color-er in the class! Looks like he is taking after his father in that aspect!

Little E-man is such a cutie! He loves to practice his letters (ABC's) every night so that he can be ready for kindergarten. I can't believe that he is getting so big! I will admit I did get a little teary eyed when I went to his kindergarten round-up. When he was born, we didn't even know how long he would live, and look at him now! He is going into kindergarten!! Heavenly Father has blessed our lives with Ethan! I don't know what we would do without him!
Now for Nuna Dilly. She is quite the little mommy! She is so helpful, and such a joy to have around! She always wants to help me with what I am doing. She is practicing her letters with Ethan almost every night, and I think that she will be shocked when she doesn't go to kindergarten with E. She loves her boys, and keeps up with them pretty well.
Abram is such a funny guy! He mostly has a straight face, but if you can get him to smile, he has the cheesiest grin! He tries to act shy and has the best faces! He loves to jump and eat. He knows how to walk but feels more sure on his knees or crawling.
Owen is so outgoing! He loves to "talk." He walks around everywhere like he owns the place. He doesn't smile for strangers, but he is all smiles at home. He is more of a picky eater, maybe that's why he is a whole 2 pounds less than Abram.
Both of the twins love to climb. We took them to a local hot springs a few weeks ago and they LOVED the water! For the most part they are my happy go lucky babies who don't give smiles away easily. :) (Unless they see Grandpa Baird, he has them wrapped around his finger!) We love our home, neighbors, ward, new friends, and life. We couldn't be happier! We have been so blessed!


Heather Davies said...

Your kids are so cute! And what a beautiful house! I guess you'd need a nice, big house when you have a family of 7!! That is incredible!! I'll bet you are super busy. :)

Nicole said...

So Cute Kali!!! Miss you!

Laura Later-Smith said...

Love the photos and your family!