Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ryan and I both graduate on Thursday this week. We are so excited! He will be getting his bachelors in business with an emphasis in finance and I will just be getting my associates in generals. Both of us have been going to school this summer and it has been so busy and crazy, but at least we are done. . . . .well for now anyways. :)
Thursday is also Ethan's birthday! He is such a fun little guy! He has been off of his g-tube for about 3 months now and is maintaining his weight! Big milestones for that guy! He is also talking tons, some that you can understand and some that is just plain gibberish. He is eating well too, and both of his therapists say that they won't be working with him much longer because he is almost right on track! When he was 6 months old, this part of his life that he is at right now seemed so far away and I wondered if it would ever come! Heavenly Father has blessed us and our family so much!
Tyler is starting to talk more with a better and more expounded vocab. It is so funny to talk to him and hear from his perspective how things are or how they should be. It is really hard not to start laughing, well lets be honest, I do sometimes! He is getting so grown up!
Miss Hanna is just such a fun loving girl! This week she started walking with her little play stroller. She always wants to walk, and if she can't she gets so sad. She can't walk on her own yet, but she has got a lot of determination and I think that any day now she will.
Hope that you all enjoyed the update!