Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What a Fun Halloween!

Oh my goodness, this Halloween was SO fun! (Hanna kind of looks like she has a humpback, whoops! She is still cute though!) (Don't mind the living room, its pretty messy, shocking I know!) Ry and I were taking the kids trick or treating at the river and were having so much fun. We went with my sister and her cute kids and my parents. My dad went as Donald Duck. Everyone had a blast with candy and face painting, it was great. (I really didn't get any good individual pics of the kids did I. Well I have some good videos, I hope that makes up for it. We couldn't figure out why this Halloween was SO much fun at first, but then it dawned on me, for the last TWO Halloweens we have been at Primary Children's Hospital with Ethan. Yea, the hospital as fun as it may seem to get a big bag of candy that someone donated to the hospital. (Which is amazing by the way that people give so much to those kids! Thank goodness for charity and service! People amaze me with their little kind acts of giving.) Anyhow the real deal is just so much better! We had an elephant, a cow ( Which was kind of sentimental because the nurses made Ethan a little cow costume on his first Halloween), and a lady bug. What a blast we had this year! We carved the pumpkins with the kids names this year just to mix it up a bit.
Yea for no snow this year during Halloween!
I have been working on my mom's quilt for Christmas and I would say that I am almost halfway done. Here is a little sample of one of the squares that I have just recently finished. I have found that I really like to embroider. Hope she loves it!
Hope all of you are doing well!