Thursday, September 2, 2010


Haven't you heard that it is better to take your time eating, in order to feel full earlier than you normally would, so that you don't overeat? Well referring to this statement it may be hard to understand my choices regarding lunchtime. My kids usually hurry to eat so that they can go play. I try to help encourage them to not hoover the whole meal down as fast as they can, but they are kids and ultimately will do what they choose. Lunch, however, they have come to find out is right before nap time. so they are really good about dragging lunch on for at least an hour. just to not have to go to take a rest any sooner than they have to. Annoying I know. So I have been implementing a timed lunch. After all don't they have timed lunch at school. So I am just preparing them for school right? Who knows. Anyhow, kids are a lot smarter than they want you to think they are.