Monday, October 26, 2009

It Just Matches

I know that it is not Thanksgiving next, but it was the only background that I could find that would match my cute kiddos. Seth bought them these shirts in New York when I went to visit in August. They really like them. Isn't Hanna's cookie monster shirt fitting?
I finally just broke down and bought an elephant costume for Ty. He is really excited and tells everyone he sees that he is going to be an elephant. Ethan is going to be a bumble bee. My mom made the costume for my brother when he was little. It is super cute! Ethan will look extra good in it with his super skinny legs! Hanna is going to be a lady bug I think. The kids will have fun this year, but it will be hard to tell Ethan that he can't have any candy! I think that I am just going to get him a very special toy, or maybe just some coconut treat.
Ethan by the way has gained 1 1/2 lbs. in the past month! I guess the g-tube at night is the way to go for now! He also got his first "little boy accident scar." That may be confusing, but what I mean by that is all of his scars are from the hospital: central lines, surgeries, etc. And about two weeks ago he fell and had to get stitches, though it was sad we were excited that he just gets to be a little boy now!
Hanna does still weigh less than Ethan, surprising I know! I will post pics of Halloween next week. Enjoy the weekend and be safe!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Things are going good so far this month! I accidentally pulled out Ethan's G-Tube this morning. He screamed in pain. I felt like the worst mom in the whole entire world. You know such a good start to the fall. I have a love/hate relationship with G-Tubes. Yes they save lives, but they are such a pain for me and Ethan. I will throw a huge party when they finally take it out!
Other than that things are good. Ethan is gaining weight well. Thankfully Hanna still weighs less than him, not by much though, by only a few ounces. I wish that it could turn into fall without having the cold come along with it! I love the colors of the trees changing, and the whole season, just not the cold!
Tyler has decided that he wants to be an elephant for Halloween. Great! Except that the ones on the internet are not that cute and I don't know how to sew an elephant! Any suggestions?