Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picture Day and Random Thoughts

We took the kids to get pictures today, and we are lucky we got any good pictures! Ethan cried all morning, and didn't want to smile or cooperate at the portrait studio. Ty was just being such a goof ball! He took one picture with his jaw stuck out, yea, really handsome! When he questions my pictures of him when he is 20 and says, "Why didn't you get a better picture of me?" I will simply tell him that that was the best picture and yes I am still a little annoyed about it! :) Hanna did pretty good, except she did not want to sit still which is not ideal for a photo shoot. In their group photo it was so hard to get them to cooperate that the only decent picture is of them all just simply looking in the direction of the camera. No smiles, just looks.
Those three have been keeping me on my toes lately! I am learning that it is quite impossible to have your house spotless with three kids 3 and under. It feels like I am playing catch-up all day long! With school done for me and school starting for Ty, I think that I will be able to start making some good headway in the housework department.
On Monday I leave for New York with my sister in law Leah to visit my brother Seth. I am so excited! I will be gone for 6 days, count them 6! No kids, just fun! I am sad to be without Ryan though, I hope that he survives with all of the kids! Don't worry, he will get even! He goes to Dallas for the BYU football game over Labor Day weekend.
Tyler is starting to say the funniest things! I wish that I had a video camera on him all day like with a reality show.He is just starting to get grammatically correct, and so I just don't expect the things he says. For instance, I will ask him is he wants something and he will say yes and then say,"well, actually. . . " He is also joking around now to, he makes me laugh and I love it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tons of fun!

For Ethan's birthday Grandpa and Grammy Later came to visit with uncle Jared. We had so much fun with them all! We made Ethan a Beach Ball Cake. He loved it!
We also went to Mesa Falls to enjoy the scenery, it was so beautiful! Everyone kept asking if Hanna and Ethan were twins though. I had to tell them, "no they are 11 months apart,"
and I would get the "you are crazy" look with "oh you must keep busy." Yes I am busy, but I love every (well almost every) minute of it.

The boys took Ty on his first fishing trip! He loved it! He caught 6 fish. Good job boys!
This summer has been so fun! Here are just some random pics of the kids.

You've gotta love story time with Daddy!

Oh and I finished the sweater that I was making for Hanna. I still need to weave in the strings but here are some pics of it. In one of them Hanna is wearing it and smiling but has her eyes closed.

We also had a really fun date on Segways with our neighbors. We rented them for the weekend and had so much fun! They are such a blast! Although they can be dangerous, Ryan hit a drunk guy in one of his "accidents." He wrecked a lot but he was a very risky driver! Oh and last but not least, a pic of our new car. a 2006 Toyota Sequoia. We love it! It has so much room for us and the boys love being in the way back together. (And to be honest, so do we! ;) They don't seem so loud anymore! )

It has been a busy month but its been fun!
Candis and Deven just had a Baby boy this last week named Trenton Townley Later too so congrats to them! The kids are excited to meet their new cousin!