Sunday, November 14, 2010

First 4 Days at Home

We all came home from the hospital on Thursday, and things couldn't be better! Ry and I are having so much fun with these little cuties! The kids want to help out a little too much sometimes, and they are not really liking the boundaries we are setting for them. They do eventually accept them because they want to be close to the babies. The first time Ty held one of the babies since we arrived home he said quietly, "I love you! My name is Tyler." It was so cute! Then he said, "He knows me now mom."
I have heard tons of stories about twins that the first few months are crazy and you never get any sleep and it all just becomes a big blur. I actually feel quite the opposite, granted I have only been home for 4 days. I am having the time of my life with my new little family! Sure it is hard work and I do have help from my family, but what family isn't hard work. I just can't get enough of the two new sweet little boys that are new to our family! I love how much they look alike, but how their personalities are different. We don't get too much sleep, but being pregnant with twins, sleep was something that you just heard about and never believed could ever happen. So even a little bit of sleep is better than none at all.
Hanna is quite the little mommy! She tries to make sure that they have their blankets and everything else that they might need. Any noise that they make Tyler is there right away to make sure they are okay. When they make little noises, Ty looks at me and says, what did he say? It is really funny! Ethan likes to look at them but that is about it. He is not very interested in the babies, but he likes them because he can get away with more things while we are busy with the babies.
To help them gain weight a little faster, I am breastfeeding them, then pumping and giving them a bottle of my milk right after. They have been gaining weight well and are doing amazing!
We are in for a ton of fun at our house for many years to come!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They're Here!

We finally had our twin boys! They are so much fun to hold, look at, well everything with them is just fun right now! They look more and more alike everyday. I went into labor Sunday night and at 5 o' clock Monday morning the Dr started my C-Section. Abram Dylan Later was born first at 5:18 AM. He weighed 6 lbs. 1 oz. Then almost immediately after, Owen Ryan Later was born, still in his amniotic sack. Technically they were born in the same minute, but they waited to count Owen until his sack was ruptured so 5:19 AM was his time. The Dr. said that the Native American Indians thought that it means that your baby is very special if it was born in its sack, because it is so rare. I thought that was pretty cool. They looked great from the beginning! They both had great apgar scores, and they each had little red "distinguishing marks" on their foreheads by their hairlines. Abram was a half of a pound bigger than Owen, and Abram's nose seemed a little bigger than Owens. We were excited to be able to have some ways to tell them apart. But then to our dismay: the marks went away, their weights started evening out, the swelling on Abram's nose went down, and then look well. . . .. . IDENTICAL! Holy cow it is hard to tell them apart! Thank goodness for the little bands on their ankles that tell us who they are! We will have some trouble with that when we get home, I hope we don't mix them up! I think Owen is on the left and Abram is on the right.
Grandma and Grandpa Baird brought the kids up to see the babies, and they were so excited! They kept asking, "Who is this?" They couldn't tell them apart either, not that I expect them to though. Their favorite part was getting to hold the babies! Abram is the one with the little bald head, and Owen has the white hat on.
I decided to throw in a picture of these adorable wrinkly legs! Owen posed so well for us to get that picture. It is a little blurry, but you get the idea.
They are eating well and they are so darn cute!! We think that they look a lot like Tyler when he was born, also some Ethan in there too. They are a good mix of Ryan and the boys. Oh, I am so excited to bring these two boys home!