Friday, April 30, 2010

Should I be worried?

While I am so excited to have twins, I can't help but think of my fate for the next few years. I mean Tyler just turned 4 two weeks ago, so that would give me 5 kids 4 and under. Hmm, that will be pretty interesting.
For those of you who were wondering, I am due in November. Yea, that is a really long ways away! I already get really huge when I am pregnant, so it will be an even bigger treat to see me pregnant with twins! Ty is really excited and asks me every day if the babies got cut out of my tummy. (I have C-Sections and we tried to explain them to him.) The other two I think are oblivious to anything that doesn't deal directly with them.
At my next check up in a month they should be able to tell whether I am having identical or fraternal twins, so I will keep you posted.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

We're Pregnant! (Well, I am at least)

So We are expecting again! We went to our first doctors appointment yesterday, where we saw our ultrasound. We saw one cute little baby, then they moved the ultrasound and saw. . . .TWO babies! Oh my goodness we are having twins! I am so excited and couldn't be more thrilled!