Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Past Month

This last month Ty got to sit and play in one of Uncle Jared's planes that he fly's. It was so cool to see what he gets to do for school! You go Jared!

We had such a good time in April with Easter and going to Houston to see Ryan's family. Ryan has one more semester ending in July and then he is done with his bachelors! Yea for you babe! I also decided to go back to school and finish my associates so that I don't lose all of my credits when in a few more years I might decide to go back and get my bachelors. The kids are growing like crazy! Tyler is as energetic as ever, Ethan is slowly getting weaned off of his g-tube, and Hanna grows every day. I can't believe I have three kids! Time has gone by so fast! Here are some pics from the last month. Enjoy!