Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

My goodness! These past few months have been so busy and fun! Life with 5 kids is great! I am having so much fun being a mom! 

We went to the fair and had a blast! The kids loved it! The got to eat a tiger ear and go on rides and even go to a petting zoo and see lots of animals. The babies were so good! They are the most chill babies I have ever had! It makes it easy to go places with everyone. Towards the end though I think that Ryan was getting tired. Haha! He is such a good Daddy! 

We visited uncle Jared and Sabrina in Provo at the Macaroni Grill. It was really good to see them, but it was hard to tell who the kids and the adults were. 


We went to the river and fed the ducks with uncle Seth. He is so fun! There were lots of fun park benches to sit on and enjoy. The kids love to feed the duck at the river! This summer was just filled with adventure! We loved it! 

The kids have started school and the twins are moving all over the place! We moved into a new house and have met so may great friends! When you hear the term, "never a dull moment," you think of things always being exciting and having something fun going on. I have come to find out that it means always doing something, whether it is fun or not. My mornings now consist of helping everyone get fed, clean, and ready, and then I have a moment to feed myself and maybe if I'm lucky get to shower before they go to school in the afternoon. Some one always needs my assistance, which is great, I love that they need and want me to be with them. But it has caused me to neglect a few things. For example: my house, the dishes, laundry, myself getting ready for the day, making dinner every night, just to name a few. :) (Of course not all at once, ;), what kind of wife/mother would I be.)

So lets update you on the family. Lets start with Tyler. He started kindergarten this year and LOVES it! He is always so excited to go and to do his homework. :) He loves all of the new friends that we have made in our new neighborhood! Most of them are girls which he loves! He has a different girl that he is going to marry each week, it is quite funny. I only thought girls got crushes when they were little, but Ty has proved me wrong! He is exactly as I imagine Ryan was when he was little. I love it!
Ethan is in Preschool again this year and loves it! He is talking so much! I can't believe how much more grown up he is than last year! He loves school and playing with his new buddy Garrison. He is such a sweetie! He had a kidney stone laser-ed out a few days ago. He is the bravest person I know! He was skipping into the hospital and was so excited to go with the anesthesiologist back to surgery. He doesn't complain unless he is really hurting. He can barely walk today and is still smiling! My hero!
Hanna started preschool this year and was a little hesitant at first, but now she loves it! She loves to play and be a "little mommy." She "helps" me keep the boys in order. It is so funny! When I tell the boys to do something, she copies everything I say to them but a little quieter. Almost like she is practicing for when she is a mom. It is hilarious! She makes me laugh! She is very specific on what she wants to wear and how she wants her hair to be done! I am in trouble! She is only 3!!

Little Abram is so fun! He army crawls everywhere! He is so fast! I really have to be careful with him! He is full of smiles and loves to play! He scratched a capillary on his forehead and now has a permanent dot in between his eyebrows. I guess the twins will be easy to tell apart for the next few years. He can clap his hands and has his 2 bottom teeth.
Owen is such a cutie! He makes you work for a smile! He can be pretty serious, but loves to be tickled! He can crawl and climb up to things. as soon as you walk into the room he will crawl right over to you and start climbing up to his knees to get you to hold him. He is so sweet. He also has his 2 bottom teeth.

I had to separate the boys at night because they LOVE to wrestle. I have never seen that in my life! Two babies wrestling. It is so cute! They love it. 

 We love our new house and ward! This summer has been great! I will try to write more, it is just hard to find the time. :) I hope you all are well. Pictures of the house will be coming soon.


Candis said...

Oh my!... I love these pictures! I don't know how you have time to blog but I'm certainly glad you updated us on your cute family. I am sitting here showing Trenton pictures of your kids and drilling him on their names so he will be ready to play with them at Thanksgiving! I can't wait to wrestle with the twins! We miss you guys.

Charlotte said...

I happen to know intimately what kind of mother lets all that go at once. Ryan is an expert kid mover. He makes a lovely jungle gym.

Emily Jones said...

Kali, you're amazing! I feel overwhelmed with my two kids and I just don't know how you do it. I love your outlook on life. Maybe it helps that they're so dang cute, huh?

Heather Davies said...

Amazing! I can hardly get myself ready with 2! But with 5! Wow! Your kids are super adorable! Glad you are enjoying your new house, too. It looks way cute!

adamandleah said...

I have to say I loved that first picture of Ryan balancing all of the kids. He is seriously super dad! I really don't know how you guys do it! The babies are getting so big!! Love the update!! so cute!