Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

We seriously never have boring times at our house! I went to tuck in Ty last night and he didn't have a shirt on so I asked him:
Me: "Where is your shirt?"
Ty: "Um. . ."
Me: Checking under his covers, "Did you take your pants off too?"
Ty: "Um . . "
Me "Are you naked?"
Ty: Guiltily,"Oh, I didn't know."
Me: "Ty you need to wear your pajamas!"
Ty: "I can't it hurts my eczema."
Me: "Well you at least have to wear underwear."
Ty: Almost crying, "NO!!!! It hurts me."
Me: "Sorry we always wear under wear, but you don't have to wear your pajamas."
Ty: With a 'yes I won' smile on his face, "okay"

So my 4 year old likes to sleep naked! I knew it was going to be crazy raising boys but I didn't know they would start so many "boy" things this young!
Ethan and Tyler share a room and EVERY night we go in to check on them because of the noise they are making and they are on the floor wrestling, for fun. Both as happy as can be. I don't get boys! They are so silly! And while the boys are wrestling I check on Hanna only to find her with her favorite shoes on, in bed, playing with all of her barbies quietly. Oh and when I got her out of bed this morning, she had the shoes on again. So she got up after I tucked her in again with no shoes, and put them on to sleep with them. She does beat all!


Elisafaith13 said...

AWESOME-GO Commando DUDE!!! Grammy says it's OK!!! LOVE YA'll!!! :)

Candis said...

I know you posted this a long time ago but I just read it... So funny!!! We are dying to hang out with your family. You guys are so much fun!